Your Name: Darlisa Diltz

Business Name: djd.In~Depth Marketing and Consulting Services

Type of Business: Marketing and Strategic Planning

Business Location: Saint Louis, Missouri, United States


Reason for starting
I started my business because I have a genuine desire to help others. All of my life I have had a very strong analytical sense, and like to “make things better”. Upon completion of my MBA, I was looking for something more, something that would help me to put all of that knowledge to good use. I prayed significantly about the driving desire that I had, and asked God to give me an avenue to not only utilize my talents, but to be an asset to others. As I prayed more and more, God began to reveal to me the opportunity to assist small business owners that have a valuable product or service, but does not have the “know how” of growing and developing their business. It was at that point that I started to put plans in motion to be a leader in effective strategic planning for small business at a fraction of the normal consulting cost.

How do you define success?
I would have to define success as the measure of how you apply your gifts and talents, with relation to the lives touched in the process. Success to me is setting a goal and working steadfastly to accomplish it no matter the obstacles or defeats.

Biggest Success
I would consider all of the progress for djd. In~Depth to be its “biggest” success. The business is still in it’s foundation stages, and has had substantial recognition from several local business and organizations. As a business owner, it speaks volumes to have your services recommended based on the quality and level of professionalism in such an economy. I am looking forward to what is up the road for djd.In~Depth because I know that God is not slack on his promises.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
The top challenge right now for djd.In~Depth, as with many new businesses, is the standard acquisition process of growing the business. To address this challenge, there is various means of marketing, networking, relationship development, and partnerships in the works. This challenge is one that is truly embraced as it gives the opportunity to meet new people, acquire new business ideas, and also allows for improvement of techniques and strategies within the company.

Who is your most important role model?
There are many people that have positively influenced my life to the point of recognition. It starts from high school with my Profound Math Teacher/Mentor. It then leads to my Spiritual Leadership, and of course family and friends. I like to say that present day, I look to my close cousin Angela Talton as inspiration, as she is a prime example of pressing towards what you want and stopping at nothing to gain it. She is a great confidant, motivator, and supporter of all my efforts.