Your Name: Dawniel P Winningham

Business Name: National Day of Sisterhood, an online dedication for the National Day of Sisterhood

Type of Business: Social Enterprise

Business Location: United States

Twitter @sisterhoodday

Reason for starting
We are proposing that EACH December 12th the women of the United States celebrate a National Day of Sisterhood, designed to bring women together to support: Health – Well Women Exams for Women Under 40, Mammograms for women over 40 Education – Support for books By and For women and schools that support women’s growth Community – Spotlight and support the charities that support women such as the YWCA and many local women’s organizations Business – take advantage of the shopping season by highlighting national and local women owned businesses.

How do you define success?
Not since the 1960’s has their been a national campaign designed to support the advancement of women. We are currently in the midst of a successful Indiegogo campaign. It is the hopes of this campaign to allow us the potential to leave this world better than we found it and provide Women’s issues the platform they need and deserve. Give women EVERYwhere the voice that we deserve being the consumers that we are.

Biggest Success
Currently looking for funding in order to We are looking for funding to complete the following: Build Website and Social Media Presence Spread the word and bring people on board If we don’t reach out goal, we will do what we can and start even smarter and continue to build upon the concept year after year

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
Our top challenge is finding women to support the cause on a national level. We have addressed it by bringing women on board to host live events in their area on 12/12/12 and to also just change the way they support women’s health initiatives, women in business, education, and the community.

Who is your most important role model?
I am inspired by ALL women! I think that we all bring SOMETHING to the table that allows us to be unique and gives us the opportunity to be successful in our own hopes and dreams.