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Name: Debbie Blacher

Business: Wholesome Tummies, a maker of healthy food for children

Type of Business: Children’s Goods & Services, Food & Beverage

Location: Orlando, Florida, United States

Reason for starting:  As a busy mom, I was tired of preparing three fresh meals a day from scratch and was frustrated that easy yet healthy options didn’t exist. I wanted my kids to eat right, but I was working and pregnant with my third boy at the time, so my frustration quickly mounted, until one day I created the concept of Wholesome Tummies.

I wanted to start a flexible program that makes it simple and affordable to provide students with fresh, healthy and kid-friendly lunches while satisfying parents’ concerns about their children’s nutrition. By delivering a “Healthy School Solution” to schools around the country, I am hoping to change the way American kids eat – and make nutrition fun!

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How do you define success? Success comes from moving forward every day in the direction of our dreams….the daily steps add up over time and one day you wake up and see you’ve climbed that mountain that once looked so high. Continued success comes from tackling the next one, and the one after that!

Biggest Success:  Making a positive difference in the lives of others. Most of America’s 60 million school-age kids consume half of their daily calories at school, so I believe that healthy eating habits must be addressed both at home and in the classroom. The Wholesome Tummies brand invites children, educators and parents to change unhealthy eating habits and create long and lasting healthy lives.

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What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? Getting it all done. Dreams come easy, but execution defines success.

Who is your most important role model?  My three sons. They remind me to step away from my busy days and be present in the moment. Connecting with them on a daily basis keeps me going. 

Twitter   @wholesometum
Facebook:   wholesometummies [/box_light]


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