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Name: Debbie Sugrue

Business: Agastopia

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Industry: Healthcare, Wellness & Fitness

Reason for starting: My reason for starting is passion and interest. I cannot go a single day without practicing, doing research or simply helping others with their personal goals. Personal Training is everything and more to me. Being an athlete and proud ambassador for 2XU means it is my life, my hobby and my career bundled into one big ball of greatness.

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How do you define success? When you wish you could spend 24/7 awake because you enjoy your life that much, I jump out of bed every morning at 4:45am to start my day bursting with excitement.

Biggest success: Finding out what the core of success is, what comes easily when you find that and how to ensure you get your route right.

What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? Admin to me is something I like to keep minimal, I like to write as I am not one to sit at a desk and look at a screen, hence why I opt for interviews and speaking or writing plans in person as I talk through programs or plans with someone. I feel I remember more, don’t have to copy and paste and it feels more hands on when taking this approach.

Every single day I have challenges and I deal with everything as it comes. I won’t let a situation get the better of me. I make a conscious effort to work through everything, I am always shooting for something big so this puts me in a position to get hit pretty hard sometimes. I just keep moving forward and work honestly.

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Who is your most important role model? My mother, she has had a fantastic attitude with every single obstacle I have seen her face. She has never forgotten how to laugh throughout it all. Even I have gone days without allowing myself to find joy and laughter. Somehow she never doubts it will all work out in a positive way. She works hard and she never complains. She lives simply, is an incredibly hard worker and she enjoys running her own company.  She supports me through everything and has proven that no matter how hard things get, you can still succeed. Her advise is why I am this way.

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