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Name: Debra Pierce

Business: Early Childhood CDA Help, coaching and consulting for early childhood educators

Industry: Coaching & Consulting  

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.

Reason for starting: I realized the need for supporting early childhood educators while earning a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential. Many students were confused and unable to complete the process on their own and as a result, they would leave the profession rather than push through this initial struggle; which is unacceptable. In 2008, I wrote a prep guide, which was published by Redleaf Press. I then decided to build a business around the book.

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How do you define success? Having colleges, universities, training agencies, and individuals recognize my work and seeing my influence and business grow.

Biggest Success: Getting my book published, which helped launch the business. I had approached several publishers, but they were unable to see the financial prospects of the project, since the number of candidates working on this credential at any one time is unclear. One editor of a major publishing company saw the value, and although he could not convince his finance team, he continued to support me and help me find a publisher who would make the book a reality. Redleaf was immediately interested and my book quickly became a best seller and is now in the 3rd edition. I am encouraged in knowing how many individuals I have helped through writing this book.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? My top challenge was resistance from the credentialing body when the book was first published. They tried to prevent any further editions, because they considered my work to be competition. I made a point to meet the challenge head on at every opportunity. At this time, we have a mutual, respectful relationship.

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Who is your most important role model? I would probably say my husband. He is a wonderful entrepreneur, having launched several ingenious businesses on the Internet. He is creative and always comes up with new ideas that have great potential.

Twitter   @easycda 

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