Diane Vich Diane's Wellness and Holistic HealthDiane Vich felt like a 60 year old in a 20 year old’s body. She was sick, suffering from autoimmune disease and trying to figure out how to cope with childhood abuse and trauma. Her journey to health and wellness, was a long and difficult road – but now she’s thriving – and through her Miami, Florida-based business Diane’s Wellness and Holistic Health, she’s helping other women on their own healing journeys. 

Vich’s story, as told to The Story Exchange 1,000+ Stories Project:

I realized my journey to health and wellness was powerful and that I could inspire others to take the challenge and put themselves first. I also have undergone a spiritual journey and realized that trauma and abuse in childhood impacts adult life in exponential ways. I use my professional and personal experience to guide clients in surpassing their obstacles, tackling their trauma and living the life they want and dream of. I am able to develop a unique connection with my clients because I truly experienced physical and emotional pain throughout my life and fought hard to regain my self love, health and happiness. I share love and blessings to those around me by supporting them on their path. 

Success is fulfilling your destiny by helping others achieve their own success. Success is about sharing your love and passion with the world to make this life better and happier. It is about any little contribution you make to the world to improve the lives of those around you. Success is feeling the love and joy others experience because you helped guide their path. It is about helping others fight their trauma and abuse head on to live the life of their dreams. My success comes from the success of my clients, friends and family. If they succeed in their path and I helped paved the way with positivity then I am successful. 

My hardest success was overcoming my child abuse and trauma. Understanding that it was not my fault. Understanding that the lies that were holding me back in life no longer had to be my truth. It involved working hard on my feelings and emotions by tapping into the history I had blocked so long ago. It was the hardest part of my journey, it was easier to heal the physical pain than the emotional trauma. It takes a lot of effort and work to get your inner voice and intuition back when you’ve suppressed it for so long. It was the most beautiful yet difficult part of my journey. But it gives me a unique gift to help others that have experienced similar trauma because I truly understand what they live everyday because the hurt they feel is real and the trauma was not their fault. These past few months have been difficult but my path has lead me here. The world needs more people that lift us up and guide us to greatness. I inspire others to reach their ultimate potential. 

My goal is to teach more classes in the community to help improve the health of children and adults. My goal is to continue to share my story with others to give them hope for a better life. Knowledge is power and teaching people about my path and everything I learned gives them some resources and guidance to find their path. This year I am taking the final step in my journey to become a hypnotherapist that helps women who experienced physical, sexual or emotional abuse. I want to help guide their way to healing and reconnect them with themselves. It is a path of love that I choose to spread to the world. 

My top challenge was fighting autoimmune disease, chronic pain, chronic fatigue and tons of health issues. It took me years to tackle my illness and find strategies that help keep me feeling happy, healthy and alive. I used to feel like a 60 year on in a 20 year olds body. But I worked hard to find the nutrition, nutrients, stress relief, exercise and meditation to keep me on track. I now feel healthier than I ever did. I feel like a 20 year old in a 40 year old’s body. I learned that the path doesn’t have to be so hard or take so long. There are very powerful ways to change your health, life and future that are not as difficult or complex as my path was. 

My childhood trauma kept putting obstacles in my path. My trauma actually made me go in circles, I was unable to speak my truth, write, post videos or use social media because things would happen in my journey that would stop me in my tracks. I worked through them with my hypnotherapist and other spiritual techniques to tackle them head on. I had to learn how to access my intuition and gut feelings because I had suppressed them for so long. Working through my trauma helped me realize that my story was powerful and worth sharing. The battle is never over, obstacles come all the time but now I have the resources and support to fight back and win. 

Luly B- she is a close friend, inspirational speaker and mastermind for women entrepreneurs. She paved the way for me to spread my wings and share my story with the world. She helped me realize the value of my gift and its importance in helping others in the world. She guided me to get my voice back and share my story. She has been a true inspiration and motivational beam of light in my life. I call her my sunshine because she brought the light back into my life. 

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