Diane Leddy Bessentially GreenDiane Leddy had spent many decades working as a speech pathologist. But when her heart simply wasn’t in the work anymore, she knew it was time to move on. After contemplating what it was she wanted to do with her second act, she listened to her intuition, followed her passion and became a nutritionist. Today she runs Bessentially Green from her home in Florida, which helps individuals live healthier and more eco-friendly lifestyles. 

Leddy’s story, as told to The Story Exchange 1,000+ Stories Project:

I wanted to fulfil this passion of supporting others who were ready to make positive healthy life changes but weren’t sure how and where to start. I never felt that I wanted to convince people to make changes in their lives. I always felt that my mission was to support and help those that were ready to receive! I’m building a business that will help women (specifically over 50) create a healthy and vibrant life. Building this on social media and also with an upcoming podcast that will target the RV community (many of whom are retired) on how to create a healthy and vibrant life while living on the road.

For me I just knew it was time to leave my 37 year career as a speech pathologist as I was no longer aligning with the industry, school systems and agency politics. I was no longer willing to be a part of the “dog and pony” show. And I do not believe we should continue in jobs that do not resonate with us just to get pensions and retirement benefits. Who are we hurting but ourselves?? I tell people to listen to their inner voice. Mine told me it was time to go and fulfil a passion of teaching wellness on a global level! It was time to feel the fear and do it any way. Come out of your comfort zone and live the life that you deserve!!

Feeling passionate about what you do is success. Ending each day knowing that you are in your joy and that you can be an inspiration to others! Knowing that what you teach and what you do can help others make the changes they want is success. I’m a natural teacher with words, both spoken and in written form. I did not see that in myself when I was younger. Through written material and speaking engagements I have developed a tribe of people that can resonate with my energy! My biggest success to date is being open to receive myself. Not attaching money to every outcome and letting my passion lead the way.

My top challenge was in strategy and I started to invest in myself by hiring a business strategist to help me. I have no problem outsourcing with things that are not in my lane. I also knew it was time to invest in myself! Because I am in my second act in this life, I am looking to be joy filled most of all. Am I looking to work 50 hour a week to make millions? No I’m not. I want to do what brings me joy so I plan to travel, do my podcast show while on the road, teach cooking classes along the way to foster a sense of gathering of community, write books, sell personalized eco friendly merchandise and create programs that can help people on their journey to wellness!

My role model is the author Jen Sincero who writes the Badass book series. It reminds me that I am empowered to do anything I want to do!

Website   www.Bessentiallygreen.com

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