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Name: Dorothy Pang

Business: Dorothy Pang Acupuncture & Fertility Coaching 

Location: Burlingame, California, U.S.

Industry: Healthcare, Wellness & Fitness

Reason for starting? I had to do acupuncture because as a child I was inspired by my grandfather’s sickness to help people live healthier lives without bad side effects. My grandfather loved Kung fu movies, and so I ended up working with the sacred energies of acupuncture to heal. Currently, there are many women having trouble when trying to conceive because they are not living their healthiest lives. I use a blend of ancient wisdom and modern techniques to help these women to efficiently and effectively optimize their health and fertility.

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How do you define success? After living a life that was very full and busy, I’m now at the point where success means having time to do things that mean a lot to me. Spending fun time with the kids, grooming my rabbit, and painting with acrylic paint are all activities that I enjoy, and I schedule those activities in so that I can do the things that nurture my soul, as well as the everyday necessity type activities that need to be done.

Biggest success: Doing fertility coaching together. I had a client who was able to begin ovulating on her own for the first time in her life because of the acupuncture work I did with her. This meant really great things as she was trying to get pregnant. This was a great sign that her body was more in balance and functioning well.

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What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? I struggle with how to convey the value of fertility coaching. It’s so powerful and can yield amazing results. But women don’t even know that every day, they are making dozens of decisions that impact fertility. So with guidance, we can fill up their fertility bucket, instead of draining it.

Who is your most important role model? I think Oprah has an amazing story. That woman has overcome many obstacles and now has the ability to inspire millions of people. She uses that influence in a positive way to promote healthy changes for the everyday person.

Twitter   @drpang

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