This week’s inspiration comes from the Pulitzer Prize- and Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison, whose writing on women and the African-American experience have been touchstone texts for millions of readers. 

via Madame Noir

We like this quote because it reminds us to keep true to the initial “sparks” that started many of us thinking about entrepreneurship. 
Women are more likely to start mission-based businesses, so it’s important to dream big before settling on a business plan. Those dreams will form the crux of the business, popping up in mission statements, funding proposals and newsletters. 
This week’s featured entrepreneur, Ati Williams, gave herself time to dream of the classic American Dream–home ownership–before launching her real estate business. 
 “in making decisions that are risky right now as a business owner, I always try to channel that 23-year-old self, who just decided to do it,” Ati says. 
She dreamed, and then she started the hard work of building her own business— something Toni Morrison would definitely approve of.