The actress Sarah Jessica Parker gives us a lesson on balance in heels.



You may know Sarah Jessica Parker only as Carrie, her character in the iconic “Sex and the City” series. But today we’re drawing inspiration from her entrepreneurial spirit and her quest for balance.

Parker has a classic rags-to-riches story: she grew up on food stamps in a family of eight, and later starred on Broadway while living in subsidized housing. She’s previously teamed up with clothing chain Steven & Barry’s to produce affordable fashion items.

Today she’s launching a new shoe brand with Manolo Blahnik for Nordstrom retailers, which tries to take into account the mid-range consumer, or someone for whom a pair of luxury shoes is a splurge. Relative to the standard Manolo Blahnik collection, Parker’s shoes aim to be attainable for the average consumer willing to save up for a bit of luxury.

The mother of three also runs her own production company, Pretty Matches, and regularly stars onstage.

Sounds like she has much in common with the busy women of The Story Exchange.

Self-proclaimed “mompreneurs” take on the challenge of building a business in different ways. Becky O’Neill put her son in a backpack carrier for her first day of dog walking. Others may craft a business oriented toward children in order to spend time with their own.

Whether or not it’s a path to better work-life balance, one thing’s clear: It’s a lot of work being a female entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur, producer, actor, mother, wife: that’s a lot of pairs of shoes to fill. We bet Parker’s shoe collection is up for the challenge.