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Name: Dr. Fathima Fazeen

Business: Winspire International Education

Location: Wattala, Sri Lanka

Industry: Education & Training

Reason for starting? With so many educational institutions mushroomed, children and parents have no proper guidance for pursuing the next level of education. The choices of schools were never justified or analyzed to guide the learners towards the right choice. Money and time in our community is equally wasted without regrets, as the International Education system has become a trend and trendsetters are mostly profit oriented, not service oriented.

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How do you define success? 
Success for me is to wake up with a smile on my face and to feel satisfaction everyday, while also seeing the same in the people around me. In my opinion education, regardless of the level and age, is a service. What we teach becomes the foundation or pillar in the student’s life. Therefore these foundations need to be built by a teachers who have the passion to create and innovate.

Biggest success:
Making every student of mine love to learn within a very short period of joining the institute. Even after they finish, 99% of them are still educating themselves in some way. Furthermore to expand the access to education without boundaries, break the barriers of selective education and to advocate the importance of high education. I want to build a business which will survive.

What is your top challenge
 and how you have addressed it? Discrimination was and still is my biggest challenge. The rest is nothing in comparison. Sometimes the discrimination has the ability to kill my motivation, and it has always been a struggle to rise up again.

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Who is your most important role model?
 My mum, who taught me that nothing is impossible.

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