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Name: Dr. Heather Waitman

Business: Women Unlearning Norms (WUN)

Location: Blauvelt, New York, U.S.

Industry: Professional Services 

Reason for starting? Women are more powerful than you could ever imagine and yet they are under-represented in leadership role in many sectors around the world. Women have to be taught how to abandon their fear of success in order to take over more male-dominated positions in the business world. In doing so they have to first abandon societal norms that have hypnotized them for decades into believing that men are more suitable for powerful roles.

My business, WUN, is committed to giving women around the world a vision of endless opportunities and possibilities, by allowing them to see with “Fresh Eyes” how powerful they are in business and other arenas. WUN believes that when women, men, and business leaders unlearn norms about women worldwide, they will no longer be blind to the rich value and endless talent women possess.

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How do you define success? My definition of success is to achieve the goals that I set for my new business: These goals are to reach out to thousands of women through my seminars and help them see how successful they can be in the business world, and more importantly, to begin to change the mind-set of business leaders and organizations with regard to women. People can no longer be blind to women’s contributions to organizations’ bottom-lines.

Biggest success: My biggest success to date is completing my Doctorate degree in Organization and Management with distinction.

What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? My top challenge is publicizing my company and getting people to visit my website. I am addressing that challenge by preparing a press release and using social media.

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Who is your most important role model? My role model is Ann Marie Borchetta, my mother. She is the bravest, kindest, and most courageous woman I know.


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