The Story Exchange, Dr. Rebecca S. Hage Thomley, Orion AssociatesYour Name: Dr. Rebecca S. Hage Thomley

Business Name: Orion Associates, a provider of management services for companies and organizations

Type of Business: Management

Business Location: Golden Valley, Minnesota, United States

Twitter   @OrionAssoc

Reason for starting
It was not a planned start but I fell in love with the opportunities and challenges of running a business. The more we grew, the more and diverse business we explored. There is nothing like the creativity owning your own business allows for.

How do you define success?
I believe that a truly successful organization is one that is not only successful in its line of business, but is also successful as a contributor to the community and the world. We chose to be that kind of business and are committed to creating a world of hope. I also believe that business success must be defined by how you interact in others, particularly in your choice to respect, support and mentor those with whom you work.

Biggest Success
My career was that of a psychologist with a reasonably thriving practice. I first came into this business in a consultancy capacity, supporting and advising my parents in their small business. As time went on, however, this consultancy led to a commitment to lead the organization to a level of success beyond what my parents or any of us would have envisioned. As a result, I would define my biggest success, first, as that of growing the business twenty times its size when I first came on board and, second, leading our organization to define itself as one that serves the community, particularly through our non-profit relief organization.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
I am facing my greatest challenge as I write this. Our organization continues to grow beyond the capacity and comprehension of the banks with whom we have worked for many years. My challenge is to help them to understand what we are doing and how they can grow with us. Otherwise I will need to seek banking partners who can understand us and what we intend to do. One way or another, I will succeed.

Who is your most important role model?
My most important role model is my mother, the visionary founder of the organization, who has always inspired me with her standards of hard work and excellence, as well as a compassion for others.