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Name: Ekta Naik

Business: Ekta Naik Makeup Artist

Location: Mumbai, India

Industry: Personal Services 

Reason for starting? I was a management student and had no knowledge of the fashion or beauty industry. My mom is into the beauty industry, which is why she always wanted me to learn how to do my own makeup and it became a hobby. I came to know a makeup artist through her contacts. Once when this makeup artist found out at the last minute that her model was not coming, she asked me to fill in for her. I agreed and, once she was done doing my makeup, I was stunned by the transformation. I decided to learn makeup seriously and began learning from different hair and celebrity makeup artists, working with them and starting my own freelancing. Running a business at this young an age takes courage, but I always wanted to do something creative. I believe makeup should be your second skin and have specialized in bridal, HD and airbrush makeup styles. I’ve also done makeup for over 1,000 brides!

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How do you define success? Success is when you become a role model for someone else, just like someone became a role model for me. I have chosen this career path and industry because of my role model. Success is when you watch yourself achieve goals. Success is happy clients.

Biggest success: I have met the makeup needs of over 1,000 brides on their big day.  I want to become one of the most renowned makeup artists working in the film industry and bridal world. This industry is my life, and transforming people to look their best makes me happy. I want to take beauty and makeup to another level, as makeup is an art and a science, it’s playing with colors and creating different looks.

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What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? Starting up my own business and managing my personal life was itself a challenge. But the passion and thirst of learning things kept me moving forward.

Who is your most important role model? My mom and guru from whom I have learnt everything; not only professional things in the makeup industry but also how to balance personal and professional work.

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