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Name: Elayne Fluker

Business: ChicRebellion.TV

Industry: Media & Publishing

Location: Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A

Reason for starting: ChicRebellion.TV is the first and only Internet TV network for women of color! We do so by creating, curating and syndicating web series and videos that explore her point of view and disrupt the negative images of her in media. In a world where media often misrepresents or completely omits the images and perspectives of women of color, our mission is to amplify her voice and empower her to control her own narrative!

ChicRebellion.TV, and the overall Chic Rebellion brand, is so much more to me than a business. It is a deep-rooted passion. I have worked in media (magazines, digital, TV and radio) for many years, at both “mainstream” and niche brands. My frustration (and pain, quite frankly) has been not seeing enough of the stories, ideas, beauty and worthiness of women of color, women who look like me, fully explored in a way that celebrates them, challenges them and empowers them. ChicRebellion.TV aims to change that.

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How do you define success? Success for me is ever-evolving. I dream, I pursue those dreams with passion and vigor, and I am blessed that more times than not, I have been successful at manifesting many those dreams. Then, I dream some more! Success means remaining inspired, driven and grateful.

Biggest Success: Launching ChicRebellion.TV in 2012 as the first and only Internet TV network for women of color is one of my greatest successes. It combines my experience and my passion in ways I could not have imagined.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? My top challenge is slowing things down, and remaining solely focused on just one product at a time. I have so many ideas for new products and opportunities that I’d love to launch and share with my customers; however I know that being radically focused one the primary brand is what’s best for the business (and for me!) at this time.

ChicRebellion.TV, which is completely self-funded by me, is growing; but two areas where I need support are marketing and content production. Having both, I believe, will help increase the reach of the network and generate much needed revenue. Most important, it will increase our impact! My goal is to bring on board a marketing consultant who can help us raise brand awareness, connect with our audience, promote the network and establish a solid social media strategy for @chicrebellion (which is where we get most of our traffic).

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Who is your most important role model? My most important role model is my beloved mother. She is the matriarch of our family, and has been an example of perseverance, forgiveness and gratitude. She is also my greatest supporter.


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