Elishea Boswell Barre and Body

Elishea Boswell spent years working and training in some of England’s top barre studios. When her job was transferred to another part of the country, she decided to stay in Leeds where she had already put down roots and start her own studio. Today her studio Barre and Body promotes the importance of consistent workouts to keep body and mind in good health. And as Covid-19 shut-down in person workout classes, Boswell has started offering an on-demand video subscription service so her clients can still get their workouts in, even if from their own homes.

Boswell’s story, as told to The Story Exchange 1,000+ Stories Project:

After losing my job overnight, my strong will, passion and determination gave me the courage not to give up on my dream job; after all why should I, after the amount of hard work and training I had already put into getting where I was!?

I was working for London based company Barrecore and was managing their studio’s in Northern England. I had been with the company for two years, during which I had trained intensely with them for six months and then began teaching in their London studio’s before moving back up North. Unfortunately, they decided to close their Northern based studios, although they did offer me a job continuing to work for them in London…but I had already set up my life in Leeds.

I would define success as building a life that makes you happy and inspired, being passionate about your business and what you do and being able to spread joy and live a healthy, happy lifestyle. Success doesn’t happen overnight, it takes passion and commitment. I’ve had highs and lows and as many independent businesses I’ve had both of them but I think success is just the pure fact you are still standing and being happy doing you.

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My biggest success is opening my studio in Harrogate! It was once just a dream and then it became a reality in April 2019. It is hard work and an emotional rollercoaster sometimes but without passion and emotion, it wouldn’t be an achievement. Building my business and just continuing to build my brand in an authentic way is success to me. Of course, I have goals and want to do more, but my studio is my biggest success so far.

My top challenge has been starting my business with so many competitors out there. It’s hard not to compare myself to how others are doing and how they are performing. I am my biggest critic and I have had to try and switch off from other businesses around me and concentrate on my own journey. I have really tried to focus on my personal development and learn new skills in how I can support and better my business.

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I look up to other successful entrepreneurs within my industry and of course my own parents are also some of my most important role models.

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