The Story Exchange, Elleanor Davis StarksYour Name: Elleanor Davis Starks,CFSP-CCA

Business Name: 100 Black Women of Funeral Service, Inc, a network for black women and minorities in the professional funeral service industry

Type of Business: The Funeral Industry

Business Location: Longwood, Florida, United States


Reason for starting
The 100 Black Women of Funeral Service, Inc. was established in 1993, to provide a Network for Black Women and Minorities who have chosen Funeral Service as their Profession or Career.

How do you define success?
By giving unconditionally to others in this world, by being making sound decisions being compassionate and providing “seamless service” in a professional capacity. Both in my industry and overall and by leaving a legacy that will reign on God’s earth for countless years to come.

Biggest Success
My family, my board members and our much appreciated staff. Starting this hallmark organization and in implementing the Annual 100 Black Women of Funeral Service’s Living Legends of Funeral Service Awards. Which honors a group of very distinguished funeral service colleagues with 50 plus years of industry experience, worldwide. The awards luncheon is held at the yearly NFD&MA,Inc (National Funeral Directors & Morticians Association, Inc)

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
In this life there has been and always will be challenges of all kinds. I address it by keeping God first, staying true to my professional and who I am and by staying the course, remaining “on point” as much as possible.

Who is your most important role model?
My Parents, colleagues and the numerous industry professionals and legends whose shoes I am now blessed to walk in today. All the more reason to leave a cherished and important legacy.