Pat Law, owner of social-media agency Goodstuph in Singapore, clearly likes to hire people like herself. A recent employment ad, posted on her company’s Facebook page, says “the lazy, the petty, the insecure” need not apply.

In our continuing series with the New York Times, we take a look at the unique way Law — an unconventional character who stands out in conservative Singapore  — has grown her award-winning business. Read here about how she plans to open a bar to create “Instragrammable” moments for alcohol-brand clients.

Law told us her secret to success is constantly pushing the envelope, even when she is afraid of failure. “I don’t want to be complacent,” she said. Her biggest advice to other entrepreneurs is always compete with one’s self. “Never be satisfied,” she said. “Don’t be miserable. Be happy. But know that you can do better.”

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