In an effort to facilitate a dialogue about getting more women involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the National Women’s Business Council and the Small Business Association teamed up to start a conversation – on Twitter.

By using the hashtag #STEMforHer, anyone on the social microblogging website could take part in the discussion.

Many who participated offered advice and support for women who are either working in or intrigued by the traditionally male-dominated fields. And though the formal conversation took place on March 24, the hashtag has been used by many since to promote quality content and other ideas on the topic.

Representatives from both organizations coordinated the conversation, including Erin Andrew of the SBA. In addition, Divya Nag – the female entrepreneur behind Stem Cell Theranostics – and representatives of GoldieBlox and Girls in Tech imparted their wisdom to those who assembled to partake.

In a press release, the organizations said that the Twitter conversation was part of an initiative to recognize Women’s History Month, which is celebrated every March.

To read more of the conversation, or to follow it yourself, click here.

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