The health of your relationships is in direct proportion to your success and happiness.

Think about when you are in a fight with your spouse, or best friend, family member, co-worker or just about anyone. How does that feel? Are you mentally distracted? Is your stress level elevated? Are you as focused on being productive?

Now think about when everything is great within all of your relationships. Your mental clarity is increased. Your energy is elevated. Which means you are more productive and creative. Therefore, more successful at achieving your goals.

So why on earth don’t we help people learn emotional intelligence and how to have better relationships, in conjunction with courses about business and success? Or why don’t corporations invest more in workshops to teach these skill sets, such as coping with adversity, if they are so worried about the “bottom line”?

The world clearly doesn’t realize that happiness and healthy relationships are the foundations of profitability. When people are positive, it creates a better work environment, decreasing sick days and increasing job satisfaction. Most business leaders entirely miss this domino effect. I believe the next generation of leaders will get this, and re-define the dysfunctional belief systems that we have bought into.

If you are a business leader, I applaud you if you already provide these practices and education to your work community. If you don’t, please do so. If you work for a company that doesn’t provide this support, I encourage you to tell your leaders that it’s a way to instantly increase success.

The real “bottom line” is that everyone desires to be happy. So imagine how successful a company can be, when it focuses on making people as happy, healthy and productive as they can be.

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