We’re rolling out our picks for this year’s Holiday Gift Guide, which focuses on STEM-inspired goodies.

Business: TechnoChic
Product: Floppy Disk Coasters
Price: $25

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure — or, if you’re Natasha Dzurny of TechnoChic, one’s trash is one’s own treasure. “It all started with a box of floppy disks that were too old to use, but too awesome to get rid of,” she says. Inspiration hit, and soon, she was selling them as techno-decorations to eager chic geeks the world over. They even made their way onto CBS show “The Big Bang Theory.” Dzurny hints, “If you watch the show, keep an eye on the side table next to Sheldon’s spot.”

Editor’s Note: Buyers have the option of ordering coasters in a variety of colors, or in grayscale sets. Either way, you’ll be thrilled with the product — it’s a simple idea paired with professional execution. Our judges feel these are a fantastic, gender-neutral gift option for a tech-loving individual.

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