Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Taiwan, the Place to be a Woman in Politics
Cindy Sui, BBC News
While American women struggle to expand their presence in the nation’s politics, halfway around the world, female leaders in Taiwan are finding opportunity. In all, 38 percent of legislators there are women — well above the international average of 22 percent. Quotas play a significant role in ensuring a place for women at the table in Taiwan, though they haven’t fixed every problem. “When it’s a one-to-one race, men still tend to fare better because of their prior experience and personal connections,” Chen Man-li, the director of an alliance of women’s groups and a newly-elected lawmaker, told Sui.

Men Are Sabotaging The Online Reviews Of TV Shows Aimed At Women
Walt Hickey, FiveThirtyEight
Outsiders often struggle to appreciate pop culture fodder that’s not geared toward them specifically. Unfortunately, the issue doesn’t always end there. Take, for example, men and TV shows geared for women. According to Hickey’s examination of online review data, men tend to give these shows lower ratings on sites like IMDb. That can make for overall bad information, since Internet ratings are typically presumed to serve as reflections of cultural reception to a given program. “[I]f men didn’t feel compelled to crap on shows that plainly aren’t aimed at them, this might not be a problem,” Hickey wrote. “That doesn’t appear to be the case.”

The Real Reason that So Many Women Have to Spend So Much Time Getting Ready
Ana Swanson, The Washington Post
Research suggests that people with classic good looks are more likely to land jobs, earn higher salaries and be more popular, regardless of gender. But how do our efforts to look good affect our success? A study coordinated by Jacyln Wong of the University of Chicago and Andrew Penner of the University of California at Irvine found that, when it comes to grooming, women are more heavily scrutinized than men “Less attractive but more well-groomed women earned significantly more, on average, than attractive or very attractive women who weren’t considered well-groomed,” Swanson wrote. No wonder women spend so much time getting ready.

Trump’s Sister, The Judge: A Life Vastly Different, But Often Intertwined
Matt Katz, New Jersey Public Radio
Much of America’s presidential election coverage has been focused on the antics of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. In a still-topical yet refreshing change of pace, Katz takes an in-depth look at another member of the Trump family: older sister Maryanne Trump Barry. Currently a federal judge, Trump Barry’s career and ideologies both conflict and mix with those of her famous brother. And now, she may be tapped for a committee that will decide whether to make public a list of unindicted “Bridgegate” scandal co-conspirators, which could include  New Jersey governor and Trump ally Chris Christie, lately rumored to be on the short list of Trump vice presidential running mates. Worlds collide!

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