(Credit: Hoài Anh Bino, StockSnap)
(Credit: Hoài Anh Bino, StockSnap)

Women’s Hockey Takes Stage As New Pro Sports League
NPR Staff
We loved listening to this radio segment about the National Women’s Hockey League, which officially launched in October 2015. Its commissioner and founder, 28-year-old Dani Rylan, was electrified by the U.S. women’s hockey team’s big win at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. “People weren’t watching it because it was a women’s game. They were watching because it was an amazing hockey game,” she says.


Ann Caracristi, Who Cracked Codes (and the Glass Ceiling) at NSA, Dies at 94
Martin Weil, The Washington Post
The world recently lost a fascinating and brilliant woman — who most of us know nothing about. Ann Caracristi was a secret code-breaker for the National Security Agency during rocky times for America. She entered the world of cryptanalysis as World War II began, mere days after graduating college, and continued on through the Cold War. She retired as the NSA’s sixth deputy director, and the first woman in that role.


This Millennial Might be the New Einstein
Farah Halime, OZY
We were captivated by the story of Sabrina Pasterski, AKA Physics Girl, from the start. At age 8, she amused herself by testing the strength of various popsicle-stick bridges. At 14, she marched into the campus offices of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology brandishing flight experience and designs for a single-engine plane she’d built herself. Now 22, Pasterski has a degree from MIT and is a Ph.D. candidate at Harvard — and her smarts have the physics world talking, including NASA’s top brass. Her specialty? “Spotting elegance within the chaos,” she says.


Would You Go to Mars? Meet the Four Women Astronauts Who Can’t Wait to Get There
Ginny Graves, Glamour
Speaking of amazing women in STEM, this article spotlights four women who undoubtedly could have saved Mark Watney, the character Matt Damon portrays in hit film “The Martian.” Jessica Meir, Anne McClain, Christina Hammock Koch and Nicole Aunapu Mann make up the female half of NASA’s latest class of astronauts. Their combined experiences include combat missions in Iraq and expeditions to the South Pole. Since childhood, all four women have dreamed of heading to space. Now, it seems, they’re on their way.

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