How ‘Service With a Smile’ Takes a Toll on Women
Adia Harvey Wingfield, The Atlantic
Today’s service-oriented economy has created a new sort of gender inequality in work environments, says sociologist Arlie Hochschild, whose work reveals how women, in particular, are expected to “sell” feelings of happiness and security. We were fascinated — and frustrated — by her findings. As Wingfield of The Atlantic writes: “This introduces a host of questions, like who ‘owns’ emotions when organizations can require workers to feel happy, pleasant, and congenial in order to earn their paycheck?”


Mattel Can’t Update Barbie Without Running Into Updated Problems
Kelly Faircloth, Jezebel
Mattel’s iconic Barbie doll has taken on a new shape — several, to be exact. Starting yesterday, the doll became available online at in three sizes — petite, tall and curvy — as well as in a variety of races and ethnicities that were launched last year. But several issues linger, the least of which are problems making the dolls available in stores. And as Jezebel’s Faircloth notes, there is still the potential to damage girls’ self-confidence by handing them dolls with bodies that don’t resemble their own.
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These Mexican Women Have A Fearless, Creative Response To Street Harassers
Willa Frej, The World Post
Street harassment is a sad and frustrating — and sometimes dangerous — reality for women around the world. Now, three women in Mexico City, known as “Las Hijas de Violencia,” or “the Daughters of Violence,” are getting back at perpetrators in an irreverent way: firing confetti guns and blasting punk rock music. We especially enjoyed the video accompanying this article that captures their loud, colorful responses to inappropriate comments.

6 Reasons Women Support Justin Trudeau
Lizzy Hill, SheKnows Media
At this year’s annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau didn’t shy away from the “f-word” — “feminism,” that is. He told the assembly that he proudly identifies himself as a feminist, and plans to raise his sons as feminists too (not to mention his daughter). Trudeau’s words inspired Hill and the SheKnows team to round up some of his most progressive public statements in support of women. After pouring over them, we are not surprised he’s so popular with Canadian women, almost 60 percent of whom like the job he’s doing so far.

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