OK Ladies Now Let’s Get Information
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
Samantha Bee has become an invaluable voice this election season, due in large part to the intelligence and relatable anger that simmers within her comedy. Bee brings that potent combination to this segment of her TBS show, examining the struggles shared by female political leaders around the world. Bee interviews several of these women, while simultaneously skewering Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his supporters. It’s a funny and thought-provoking look at gender bias throughout the world.

GOP Vowed to Do Better with Women. What Happened?
Victoria McGrane, The Boston Globe
The Republican party has faced accusations that it has a “woman problem” and has left women behind. Following the 2012 election, the GOP vowed to address this problem. But with Trump at the head of the party’s ticket, “fed-up conservative women, saying the party failed to heed the lesson, are angrily conducting a vivisection of the campaign of Donald Trump and, pointedly, the party leaders who refused to disown him,” McGrane reports.

Why Iceland is the Best Place in the World to be a Woman
Noreena Hertz, The Guardian
For the past 6 years, Iceland has topped the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Index. It was also named the world’s best place for working women by The Economist. That’s because women in Iceland have, for centuries, filled many roles while their husbands traversed the sea, managing the household while ensuring domestic prosperity. How did they do it? The Guardian explains why this Nordic country is piloting gender equality and achieving progressive lifestyles for women.

The Best Place for Women in Action Movies is Next to Tom Cruise
Jordan Crucchiola, Vulture
Tom Cruise returns to the screen this weekend with the latest installment of the Jack Reacher film franchise, which features a complex female lead, something rather rare in action cinema. In fact, Cruise’s films often show that Hollywood can transform female characters from objects to full-fledged subjects. They have long provided a safe space — not to mention, an exciting and high-profile one — for women in action movies.

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