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Name: Galit Zamler

Business: TimelyPick, internet’s most clicked links on one site

Industry: High Tech 

Location: Israel

Reason for starting: I love to build and create things from scratch. In other words, I love being an entrepreneur. Until today I had some projects, some of which succeeded and some of which did not. The need for building TimelyPick has risen in recent years, with multiple media channels and especially the internet, we are drowning in information. On one hand, we want to keep updated with what is happening in the world, but on the other hand there is too much information and too many channels. Timelypick solves this problem by displaying only 20 picks of the current most popular and shared content from around the web by topic.

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How do you define success? In this project I define success by the number of returning visitors, which will affect the business model.

Biggest Success: Currently, and since the launch was only two months ago, the biggest success is the ability to bring hundreds of visitors to the site every day with zero budget. Most of them are engaged and this is another big success. In addition, favorable comments from visitors such as: ‘Great content!’, ‘Love this! Awesome layout and a ton of good info’, “Great stuff! Well, I fancy myself as a bit of a content creator” and “These are awesome!”,  they all mean success for me.

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What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? My top challenge is to be able to bring thousands of visitors on a very low budget and with a very small staff. Creativity, growth hacking tactics and open mindedness are helping me to handle this challenge.

Who is your most important role model? I don’t have a specific role model, I learn a lot from other entrepreneurs, especially from those who failed at the beginning but then overcame those challenges and eventually succeeded.

Twitter   @timelypick

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