The Story Exchange, Galya Harish, Wear My PrayerYour Name: Galya Harish

Business Name: Wear My Prayer – the Blessing Flower, a maker of unique jewelry

Type of Business: Clothing & Accessories

Business Location: Coral Springs, Florida, United States

Reason for starting
During my maternity leave, and just turning 40, I decided to follow my dreams and do something meaningful for myself and for others. I had an idea which I kept inside for so long, but finally decided to go after it and make it happen.

How do you define success?
Success to me means doing something that is very meaningful and makes me happy, while creating a balance between the most important things in my life – my family, my kids, myself. And, being able to give back and empower other women.

Biggest Success
In making my dream a reality. Leaving a promising job, overcoming financial obstacles and not letting raised eyebrows put me down, I am on my way to creating a meaningful business. Currently with an operating website, happy customers and new leads that can potentially mean big success.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
My top challenge is to create a viable business. I’m working on it, currently on the roller coaster of entrepreneurship, with first year struggles, but I know that next year will bring with it a stable and viable business!

Who is your most important role model?
I have many role models. My mentor who was my boss many years ago is my mentor for business ethics, entrepreneurship and giving back, I have learned a lot from my husband and my kids are my role model as well – how not to loose my child’s spirit and appreciation to life’s blessings….