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Name: Gina Yoryet

Business: Lingua Professional Services

Location: Guadalajara, Mexico

Industry: Education & Training

Reason for starting? My main reason for starting is because I want to help more people achieve their educational goals. One of my main concerns is the immigration issue in the U. S. Many people’s futures are at stake. My main interest is to help minority groups to find a professional and personal purpose through their hidden and many times unrecognized skills. I want to be part of their personal, social, spiritual, professional, and financial empowerment by finding their passion and using it to thrive. 

I grew up in California, but thirteen years ago I had to return to México. Like many Mexicans, I was unfortunately denied permanent residency. When I came to Guadalajara, I was at a loss because my only world was the U. S. Although México is my country of birth, I was oblivious to the system, I didn’t know anyone, I went through emotional, financial, professional and personal hardship. My family and I moved to the U. S. in search of a better life. When I had finally defined my professional goals, reality hit me and before I could even react to it, I was told that I could no longer remain in the U. S. When I came to México I was told that all the prior credits/classes didn’t count towards my B. A. and I had to retake all my classes with the according recognition here in México. Since I was denied that opportunity, I got motivated to help others. That’s why my business is geared towards education. I am certain that the right time and place to get my degree will come for me.

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How do you define success? Success is not simply a matter of skill acquisition. It involves a process of personal deconstruction and reconstruction in dealing with each student, client and individual’s case, prior history, needs, priorities and objectives. This means that I must constantly evaluate my personal values, motives and goals, and I must be willing to make any necessary changes in order to evolve as a professional. My goal is to genuinely be of assistance to others, entice them and persuade them to reach towards a better and more promising tomorrow to reach wholeness.

Since 2006 I’ve helped hundreds of Middle School, High School, College, University students, as well as entrepreneurs in reaching their goal; to improve their English in order to qualify for scholarships, grants, and be able to study abroad, mainly in the U. S., Canada, or other English speaking countries. We assist many people in Standarized College Testing, Advanced Composition, Medical Writing, Business Writing, Cover Letter, CV writing support, among others. I’m very fulfilled because I share an igniting passion that’ll help me achieve my own education goal. I am certain that by helping them, I am helping myself by gaining more business, education experience to complete my MBA before 2020 (one of my personal goals). This huge worldwide education need has made me more aware of the needs of our society as a whole, and philanthropy is one of my greatest passions.

Biggest success: Follow my fundamentals. Playing with words (writing) is first and foremost fundamental to my success. Writing was first a dream, then it became a passion and that passion then became a reality. One of my testimonials and greatest achievements, is my blog in which all my emotions and achievements are channeled. For me it is a success being able to write in a language that is not my native language and being able to use that passion to help others.

What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it?  My top challenge has been the culture and business mindset of people in Mexico. Guadalajara is by far, the most difficult city/state to establish long-lasting business relationships in. Doing business is not as straightforward as it is in the U. S., Canada, or other foreign countries. The bureaucracy involved makes everything take much longer than needed, which makes sales and growing a small business as an individual entity very difficult. I have educated myself through workshops, networking, meetings. I have invested money to learn how to get around that and to further understand the business mentality in this end. I have slowly learned but I still find it difficult.

Although I am Mexican, I am missing that part of how they conduct business. Because although I’ve had to cross many barriers, and start from the bottom, I have not been daunted by those hurdles and I have not acquiesced my circumstances to dictate my fate. Also because in spite of not having a college degree yet, I have overturned that and other unfortunate life events, I’ve instead invested thousands of pesos in my own education, despite not having a college degree yet. I’m TEFL and Teaching English for a Specific Purpose Certified, FPELE Spanish as a Foreign Language Certified. I am also a Professional Translator/Interpreter and I’ve published one book through the International Women’s Leadership Association. As a result of that, I don’t set any limitations when it comes to reaching my goals. And because through my skills, I am able to help others achieve their goals. Part of my work is charity work, so I help those who lack the financial means to accomplish that. Real living is living for others. Realize that anything you want in life can be obtained.

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Who is your most important role model? I’ve had a role models since my early adolescence. When I was 14, Sandra Pizarro from my Latina Leadership Network Group. Currently, My friend Ann Whiting, an American woman who’s lived Guadalajara since 1960 and who’s done so much for our society. She’s been the founder of many important institutions here. Nelly Galan from the Adelante Movement and Sister Madonna Buder are also role models. Every woman who has undergone constant hardship, but in spite of that, has never given up is a role model for me.


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