Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you’re still wondering what to get your loved one, we can help. We searched through the businesses on Your Story Exchange and found a bunch of great gift ideas from women business owners. Have a look and if you know of women-owned businesses with great gifts for Valentine’s Day, let us know.

When woman entrepreneur Ali, discovered a delicious Oregon hybrid blackberry, she immediately fell in love. After experimenting with the fruit for a few years, she came up with her own line of cookies – Marianberry Cookies. The Valentine’s Day Cookie Box includes pink Suzy Shortbreads, heart-cut Marianberry Linzers and a variety of classic biscotti bites, tiny chocolate chip, tiny oatmeal raisin and spiced pumpkin vegan cookies (All pink cookies are colored with fresh beet juice. Don’t worry, they taste the same.) Each white box is wrapped in purple ribbon with pink and white accents. See why Bloomingdale’s Cafes carry these delicious cookies.

Do you want to change up from the traditional box of chocolates you give or receive every V-day? Try Best Darn Kettlecorn. With special gourmet flavors like Chocolate Covered Cherry popcorn or chocolate caramel balls you can surprise your loved one with something new. See more flavors here. Place your order by Thurs. Feb 9th to ensure prompt delivery.

Have you ever seen a cupcake that’s good for your waistline? Well, here is one from AJSweetSoap. You may really want to eat it, but you can’t… because it’s made out of soap. Denise Mancuso started making soap 3 years ago out of pieces that are 100% vegan. Her specialty is transforming foods, beverages and desserts into soap. Her craft confused even some of the celebrities at last year’s Emmy Awards when they opened their gift bags and were tempted to take a bite out of AJSweetSoap’s Gelato. Surprise (or trick) your Valentine with Cascades of Love Cupcake Soap or a set of 5 Heart Butter-cream Cookies. Who wouldn’t want to indulge in some guiltless pleasure?

For the environmentally conscious, yet stylish, here is one woman-owned company that provides you with versatile and contemporary gifts. Kyler by Joy O designs modern eco-friendly jewelry for the stylish woman. Recycled materials such as steel are combined with precious metals to create heirloom-quality pieces that wear easily from day to night. If celebs like Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz and Eva Longoria, love and wear it, your sweetheart is bound to fall in love with it too. Order by Feb 9 for express delivery by V-Day. (Coming Soon! Joy Opfer will share her experiences starting a business on The Story Exchange.)

If your loved one is into vintage jewelry, Alison Blair Studio has a great deal for you. Alison Blair Studio designs use all natural gemstones, hand-knotted on silk cord to create a vintage style with a modern edge. All pieces are designed and produced by the artist, Alison Stern. Mention this blog, and you will receive a 15% discount on your order.

What to get your man on Valentine’s Day? The Pajama Company may have the solution for you. You can choose from the extremely comfortable Kashwere Super Soft Shawl Collared Robe or the stylish Men’s Pewter Stripe Fine Cotton Pajama Set, and if you’re feeling whimsical you can surprise him with ‘Animal in Bed’ Men’s Boxer in Blue. But if you’re still having hard time to decide, then the Valentine’s Day Grab Bag may be the best way to go. This gift bag includes a selection of gifts and accessories from The Pajama Company in addition to a few surprise goodies. Use the grab bag as a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a group of people you love. Each person takes a turn closing his or her eyes and picking something out of the grab bag.

You’re on a budget, but still want to surprise your Valentine with a great gift? Dealery is the one-stop online shop for you. You can find deals on anything your heart desires — from movie date nights to couples massages to chocolate and flowers. Not sure what to get for your valentine? Buy a few “date night” deals and create a V-Day date night book! It’s a great gift. You’ll love Dealery, for Valentine’s day gifts and everyday deals!

If you’d like to put a fun twist on the traditional ol’ card, here’s the best service for that. With over 550 modern, bright and bold card designs, the Red Stamp mobile app allows its users to email, text, tweet, Facebook and paper mail personalized photo cards, notes, invitations and announcements right from your iPhone/iPad. For Valentine’s Day alone, Red Stamp has designed dozens of clever love notes {with and without photo options} with every recipient and sender in mind. The app is free in the iTunes store and prices range from $.49 to $1.99 {postage included} to send paper postcards.