Hadayai Majeed; Encore Recycling; Nonprofit, The Story Exchange
Your Name: Hadayai Majeed

Business Name: Encore Recycling, a non-profit fund raiser to assist financially struggling families

Type of Business: Recycling

Business Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Reason for starting
To help keep the environment clean and to help a non-profit charity raise funds to assist families struggling financially due to some form of domestic abuse/sexual assault.

How do you define success?
Taking action to improve any condition and to help yourself and others earn money to achieve that goal. Independence from want. Being able to give back to your community.

Biggest Success
Being able to buy a truck to expand our business, hire a driver and now advertise for more paid help. Many people do not take recycling seriously. It is a need for more people to be more earnest about halting pollution. There is also a need to put more people to work.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
Getting the word out about what we do and getting people to take us seriously. We use social media, word of mouth and will start facilitating mini-workshops this spring beginning in our religious community.

Who is your most important role model?
Women like Madame Walker who took her skills and the need for black women to have quality hair care products over 100 years ago and developed an empire. She did not sit still and complain about her condition she took action. Now millions of black women and others make a good living styling and taking care of hair.