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Name: Hima Sailaja Theerdhala

Business: Shel Studio Design N Events LLP, a doll company

Industry: Children’s Goods & Services

Location: Hyderabad, India

Reason for starting: Every individual has their own identity, in the same way every country has her own identity. A country like India with her rich heritage, culture and vast history should have her own identity, her own doll; a doll that is true representation of real Indians. Indian girls deserve to reflect their own identity, have their own doll, Kiyaa.

Indian parents confuse kids by giving them foreign dolls that makes them aspire to a foreign life and simultaneously expect kids’ to behave as per Indian culture. Parents should realize the importance of dolls and toys especially at impressionable and developmental stages, to create the right attitude in kids. Let’s give them a doll who is an authentic Indian, not a foreigner; which will inspire them to become a true Indian with high self-esteem and confidence.

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How do you define success? Success is subjective; each individual has their own definition. For me making a difference in at least one life through Kiyaa would be a success. Girls have to be empowered to face the world boldly. The more they are self-aware, confident and have clarity of thoughts they will make better decisions and choices in every walk of their life. I believe if a girl is empowered, her whole family will be empowered and in turn, the whole society. With Kiyaa I want to do my bit in empowering girls and help them to make better choices and decisions and live life with confidence. I wish and hope Kiyaa does that for girls.

Biggest Success: My biggest success will be when Kiyaa is with every Indian girl.

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What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? My challenge is almost the same as any other start-up. I entered into a capital intensive business; with bootstrapping I reached a decent level. Funding would help and we are already in that process with many showing interest in our promising business.

Who is your most important role model? I don’t have one particular role model; I take inspiration from eminent business people, great leaders to common people and kids; each one has one or more special qualities to learn from. 

Twitter   @KiyaaIndianDoll 

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