We may not be able to gather, but we can still give. 

The 2020 holiday season definitely won’t look or feel the same as we continue to navigate the coronavirus crisis. But if we’ve learned anything this year, it’s about the importance of others — whether it’s the members of our quarantine bubbles, the friends and family we’re missing from afar, or the coworkers who are helping us thrive professionally. 

Of course we’d all prefer “presence” to “presents,” but our 2020 Home for the Holidays gift guide offers all sorts of ways to show your love and appreciation. And bonus: You’re also supporting a woman-owned small business.

All gifts are independently reviewed and chosen by The Story Exchange, which does not earn a commission.

Emily Johnson Kisa of KISA

A Gorgeous, Versatile Offering

Turkish Towels by Emily Johnson Kisa of KISA. We wouldn’t blame you for daydreaming about trips to the beach right about now. Our judges certainly found themselves doing so once they saw these lightweight towels, which can also be used for home decor.

$36 and up - Available here
Roberta Perry of ScrubzBody

Soft Skin, No Matter the Season

Sweet Body Scrub by Roberta Perry of ScrubzBody. Keeping up with one’s skincare routine was tough before the pandemic weighed so heavy on our minds. This in-shower solution will help you stay soft (and sweet-smelling) without a lot of muss and fuss.

$22 - $32 - Available here
Natalie Lennick of Green Ablutions

Stay So Fresh, So Clean

Shampoo/Conditioner Bars by Natalie Lennick of Green Ablutions. These small-yet-mighty pods lather up beautifully and leave hair smelling wonderful and feeling clean as a whistle — plus they replace countless plastic bottles thrown out each year.

$12 - Available here
Nydia Norville of Choiselle

To Light the Coming Nights

Coconut Wax Candles by Nydia Norville of Choiselle. Candles are the ultimate little indulgence, and make for a great, easy gift that practically anybody can enjoy. This lavender coconut wax one smells like a floral dream.

$17 - Available here
KalHancock of Belle and Broome

Wrap Yourself in Beauty

Floral Kimono by Kali Hancock of Belle and Broome. One of our judges was tempted to steal this while reviewing it for our guide. (She refrained.) The pattern is stunning and it’s light as a feather. (This was previously on sale, but is now $119. But there’s another for $69!)

$69 - $119 - Available here
Kelley Legler of Baby Jack & Co

Masks By Children, For Children

Kid-Designed Fabric Masks by Kelley Legler of Baby Jack & Co. The patterns are perfect for children of all ages — colorful, dynamic and creative. And more importantly, the masks fit and sit well on the wearer’s face (and over their nose!).

$9.95 - Available here
Rosa Li of Wildwonder

Stay Happy and Healthy

Holiday Cocktail Kits by Rosa Li of Wildwonder. Delicious, nutritious and delivered in bright, fun packaging. What more could you want from a cocktail kit?

$44 - Available here
Danica Taylor of The Fashionista Nail

Small-Group Blast for the Bubble

Nail Kits by Danica Taylor of The Fashionista Nail. Your beauty-loving bubble members may want to line up for manicures thanks to these fun kits, which come in a variety of edgy styles.

$40 - $50 - Available here
Barbara Kent of Birdy Boutique

Keep Your Kiddos Sharp

Learning Blankets by Barbara Kent of Birdy Boutique. Most parents by now are desperate for new ways to engage with their pent-up children. These blankets are particularly useful for those with youngsters working hard on sight words.

$30 - Available here
Courtney Spritzer of DigiCards

Fun for the Whole Zoom

DigiCards by Courtney Spritzer and Stephanie Cartin of DigiCards. Who hasn’t, at some point, searched for a tactful way to tell the boss that their mic is muted? DigiCards can come to the rescue — and provide a little levity amid your slew of online meetings.

$19.99 - Available here
Kylie Antolini of Wildwood Candle Co.

Light Up the Outdoors, Inside

Fir, Cedar and Soil Candle by Kylie Antolini of Wildwood Candle Co. This beautiful candle is especially great for those of us living out the pandemic in cities and missing experiences like, say, being around trees and grass.

$28 - Available here
Reem Jazi of Yesterday Wellness

Do Away With Restless Nights

CBD Softgels for Sleep by Reem Jazi of Yesterday Wellness. The pandemic has left many of us struggling to sleep. These softgels helped one of our judges get a full night of rest — and she reports waking up refreshed the next morning.

$60 - Available here
Diana Goldstein of Bookish Birds

Spruce Up a Reading Nook

Book-Themed Art by Diana Goldstein and Rosalind Tedford of Bookish Birds. The readers in your lives will adore these creatively repurposed book pages. They can hang on their own, or in your favorite frame. We especially loved this empowering Ruth Bader Ginsburg quote, but there are lots of great options in her shop.

$10 - Available here
Jennifer Cramer of The Spice Lab

Spice Up Your Home Cooking

Seasoning Kits by Jennifer Cramer of The Spice Lab. We’ve all done our best to make ourselves at home in the kitchen. But surely we could use a little assistance, right? These kits offer fun new flavors to try, and arrive in handsome boxes that will impress even the most discerning chef on your list.

$24.95 - Available here
Hayley Santell of MADI Apparel

The Ultimate At-Home Pants

Bamboo Lounge Pants by Hayley Santell of MADI Apparel. “Comfort” has become the top priority when it comes to selecting one’s “OOTD.” (That’s “outfit of the day,” for the non-Instagram crowd.) But these soft, sleek pants will have you feeling stylish, too.

$86 - Available here
Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes of MKC Photography

Decoration Full of Imagination

Wooden Art Block by Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes of MKC Photography. Any new home office — and many of us have had to create just such a space — will look that much lovelier with this decorative block adorned with soft, starry skies.

$39 - Available here