How a NYC Business Owner (and Dog Lover) Is Coping

Like many New York City business owners, Tania Isenstein of Camp Canine is waiting on the vaccine. And wondering how long she can hold on. “I can’t even think about what will happen if there’s another shutdown,” says Isenstein, who runs Camp Canine, a doggie daycare, boarding and grooming facility on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. “I believe that will break me.”

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How a Fashion Recycling Startup Is Surviving the Pandemic

Jessica Schreiber left New York City’s Department of Sanitation to launch Fabscrap, a nonprofit that picks up and resells fabric scraps from the city’s world-famous fashion industry. The pandemic has been a heartbreaking setback. “Running full force into a brick wall is what that felt like from this end,” Schreiber says. “Because we were so prepped and ready for growth and expansion. And instead we ended up closing for several months.”

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A Brooklyn Business — and Its Founder — Get a Pandemic Makeover

Natalie Chan spent 8 years building Bat Haus, a co-working and events space in Brooklyn, New York. But when Covid-19 hit, she was forced to temporarily close. During that time, she questioned her identity and realized how much she loved being an entrepreneur.

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