Imani Laners; Shinko Media LLC; Advertising; Media; The Story ExchangeYour Name: Imani Laners

Business Name: Shinko Media LLC, a digital media company

Type of Business: Digital Advertising Sales

Business Location: Montclair, New Jersey, United States

Twitter @shinkomedia

Reason for starting
As a seasoned digital media sales executive working in corporate America, I was generating millions of dollars in ad revenue for larger publishers. But in my free time, I was meeting with smaller publishers, on a pro bono basis, helping to get their advertising sales models set up. While doing so, I realized a definite need to provide smaller publishers a service that would enable them to package their content offerings in a way that engaged their target audience, all while attracting top advertisers. Since I was already talented in creating integrated on-line custom experiences for advertisers, I made the decision to walk out on faith to establish an independent company where I could deliver advertisers integrated experiences that connect with their audiences in an emotional way while helping smaller publisher monetize their content. As a result, Shinko Media was born.

How do you define success?
Success to me is equivalent to showing authentic PASSION for the thing you love and giving it 110%! I am passionate about online sales & advertising, and define my success in aligning brands with online contextually engaging experiences that enhance lives. That’s what I dream about! I know for sure that where there is passion, 110% dedication, and the desire to make a change (because after all, all things are possible), there’s success!

Biggest Success
Hands down, my biggest success and what I am most proud of, is starting Shinko Media. I’m passionate about my career, have always given 110% and knew that having the creative freedom to connect brands with their users in an emotional way, while generating revenue for smaller publishers, made it worthwhile for me to take the leap of faith! Another one of my successes that stands is when I created The NYC Magical Wedding and was able to award a deserving couple a $100,000 dream wedding! The campaign ran for 21 weeks, had 18 sponsors (local and national), 2 events, Celebrity Wedding Planner, David Tutera, and over 1,000 written love stories. After all was said and done, the bride and groom were given over $114,000 in wedding prizes and were able to share their magical day with friends and family. Additionally, the campaign yielded close to $250,000 in ad revenue. A total success!

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
My top challenge is delegating! As the sole proprietor of Shinko Media, I am involved in every aspect of the company. When I first started the company, I was determined to do it all myself. However, as Shinko continues to grow, I realize the need to delegate so that I can do what I was meant to- sell, sell, sell! I am committed to surrounding myself with individuals that inspire and can collaborate with me, so that I can slowly, but surely, begin to transition tasks.

Who is your most important role model?
My most important role model isn’t a single person, but several individuals. I have been blessed to be surrounded by really supportive people, my parents being the foundation. Throughout my life, I have watched everyone from aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and co-workers help shape me into the person I am today. I truly admire those individuals who have inspired me by not only giving sound advice, but also more importantly, getting me to think and pushing me to grow!