Alana on computerQUESTION: I’m looking for a quick and easy way to incorporate my business.  Can I do it online, or is that not a good idea?

ANSWER: Some disclosure here: We’re in the business of helping companies incorporate online, so of course we recommend doing incorporations online. If you use a site like ours, the process is pretty simple. You enter in your basic information — your contact information, owners and ownership interest — on an online form. The form is then delivered to the state you choose to file your business in. Once filed, the documents are retrieved by our site (or whatever filing company you choose) and assembled with sample bylaws or an operating agreement, and sent back to you. The process, which is streamlined and interactive (an expert can talk you through each step) is relatively inexpensive. We can’t speak for all sites, but our incorporation services start at $69.

If you don’t use an online filing site, we recommend getting help through an attorney or other financial advisor, who can provide advice and help you navigate your state’s filing requirements. You can also speak with a representative from your Department of State about how to incorporate either online, in person or via mail.

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