The Independent Life – Keavy Landreth

The co-founder of Butter & Scotch, a Brooklyn-based dessert eatery and bar, says success as an entrepreneur is giving her the freedom to move 3,000 miles away to be with family.

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Keavy Landreth and Allison Kave teamed up to launch a dessert business, Butter & Scotch, in 2012. Initially, the entrepreneurs sold their treats to customers at food markets and pop-up shops. But since 2015, they have served both desserts and drinks from a Crown Heights storefront.

The business has grown steadily since, aided by “women-focused” promotions last year — one donated a portion of drink proceeds to Planned Parenthood — and that philanthropic spirit will carry into 2018, Landreth says. The women of Butter & Scotch also have plans to launch a catering arm and a bartending service for events and weddings. “We wrapped our brain around who were were in 2017 — in 2018, we want to expand.”

That expansive spirit is seeping into Landreth’s personal life, too. She plans to move to Seattle this summer, to be closer to her family. When she goes, she will do so with plans to open another feminist cocktail bar on the West Coast. She has been eyeing spaces and piecing together a business plan, with hopes of opening in 2019.

Landreth says the success of Butter & Scotch — and the relationship she has with Kave — gives her the freedom to start this new chapter. “I feel so grateful to have a business that’s doing well enough that I can say, ‘Hey, I want to move across the country.'”

Posted: February 9, 2018

The Story ExchangeThe Independent Life – Keavy Landreth