Monica Sabharwal launched her Bangalore, India travel agency, Globetrotter Travel Club, in 2012, so she could work from home while raising her child. “I built my business along with playing mommy to a newborn,” she recalls in her 1,000+ Stories profile.

The venture continues to win new clients daily through its online portal, while retaining many satisfied customers as well. Over the years, Sabharwal’s business has diversified its offerings by going beyond individual travel booking to offer group tours for senior citizens and help people plan their trip activities. Going forward, she hopes to offer more group tours and “get into specialized themed tours, like sports tourism and women-only tours.”

Thanks to the company’s growth, Sabharwal has found financial independence. With success, she has also found new faith in herself, and today works with other women to help them jumpstart their careers — either as employees at her firm, or by launching their own ventures. She says she is thrilled with the direction her life has taken. Before, “I was never confident in becoming an entrepreneur. Today, I am mentoring a lot of women to start their businesses.”