Vivien Francis is the woman behind PiLLoveTalk, an online store that sells pillows featuring uplifting sentiments like “Try my best to be my best” and “Magic happens.” Francis has been shipping pillows to enthusiastic clients since 2015, but her interests in inspirational speech and art are longstanding. She has weathered many personal storms, including the loss of a parent early in life and a rocky divorce after 12 years of marriage, and says she found solace time and again in “positive expressions.”

“For much of my life, I have been passionate about integrating positive messages into my living environment,” Francis said in her 1,000+ Stories profile. “Now my life’s purpose is to design home products with uplifting and edifying messages.”

Since starting PiLLoveTalk, she has served enthusiastic online shoppers and select hospital gift shops. Now she wants to bolster the company’s online presence and forge partnerships with other retailers. Further down the road, she aims to establish a program to give back to women’s causes and to “create a community of like-minded people that know the importance of affirmations and the power of words.”

Francis says growing a business has taken her out of her comfort zone at times, but setting a positive example for her daughters and giving hope to the people she touches is well worth a little discomfort. Best of all, her venture serves as an expression of her inner self, she adds. “Work doesn’t feel like work. It feels just like a continuous flow of my life purpose.”