As part of our continuing series with The New York Times, today we feature a video and article on Adriana Rodriguez, a bootstrapping entrepreneur from Austin, Texas, who decided to sell her family’s home when her startup, a bilingual school, needed cash.

We liked Rodriguez for her pluckiness, determination and grit — plus, we liked her ability to think globally, especially when it comes to teaching young people how to be citizens of the world. “It’s so important that we start young,” she says. When children are taught other languages, they learn to appreciate other cultures and understand different perspectives. That way, “they can build and construct a better world, more peaceful [and with] more solidarity with their peers,” she says.

Rodriguez’s school, Jardín de Niños International School, began as a bilingual program, teaching children to speak Spanish, but now has expanded to include French and Mandarin.

Watch the video and read her full story here or as featured on the Times here. And if you’d like to share your own inspiring startup story, be a part of our 1,000 Stories campaign and use this form  to tell us about your accomplishments and challenges.