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Name: Irina Jordan

Business: ARTISURN, a maker of handcrafted cremation urns, jewelry, and keepsakes

Industry:  E-Commerce 

Location: OswegoIllinois, U.S.

Reason for starting: When I lost a close family friend unexpectedly, it triggered all the memories of my brother’s untimely and tragic passing when he was only 22. That was the push which nudged me into launching ARTISURN—my ode to my loved ones. is founded on the premise that everyone deserves a lovingly handcrafted memorial vessel. People deserve to celebrate the life of a loved one or beloved pet by finding a perfect memorial item that they can proudly display in their homes or wear close to their heart.

How do you define success? Success is when Artisurn has a significant number of customers who are proud to display their beautifully crafted memorial items in their homes and preserve them as family keepsakes. I want ARTISURN to be a household name, the Amazon of handcrafted memorial items.

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Biggest Success: When got featured in a highly respected industry blog with a large following.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? Educating people about the difference between mass produced and handcrafted memorial items. People are not always aware that there are many options beyond a plain looking brass pear-shaped urn. They don’t realize that they can find beautifully crafted urns online that they can proudly display in their homes. ARTISURN has an active social media presence to raise awareness about handmade memorial items.

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Who is your most important role model? I have a few: my mom who is a strong and charismatic person; Scarlett O’Hara form “Gone with the Wind” who was business savvy and strong willed; and women who successfully run their own businesses and show others that balancing family and business is possible. I also want to be a role model for my three kids. I love what I do and it gives me an extra boost when thinking that ARTISURN can be my family legacy business.

Twitter  @Artisurn


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