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Name: Jayanthi G Varma

Business: Imajine 

Location: Bangalore, India

Industry: Technology & Telecommunications 

Reason for starting? As a qualification, I am an engineer. Ironically, I didn’t come out of college all groomed to take on the world. I came out rather skeptical about myself and my abilities. I wasn’t sure what to do. I was overloaded with a self-confidence complex. After fighting with myself for a year, I surrendered to the universe. I said: “I am ready, tell me your plan.” Within a week’s time, I got an job offer as a website designer from a startup co-founded by two smart ladies of my age. A WOW! moment for me. Yet I was unsure of my creative abilities. This was the best thing to happen. It opened a window to discover myself. I learnt design, development and animation tools on job. Within a month’s time in work, my very first logo and website design project was well-appreciated and approved by the client. Overwhelmed to know that I can do something — I can design and develop — I explored and learnt everything I could put my hands on. Work was joy. Clients loved me. That’s when I decided to start on my own firm.

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How do you define success?
 I wish I could define success. For me, success is appreciating life, appreciating the real you. Success is having faith in your abilities and creating a beautiful life for yourself and everybody around you. Success is growing each day. Growing to be love, courage, faith, strength and vibrating with all the beautiful energy that Mother Earth and all of us love to be in and love to be with. Success is creating, creating all that you want.

Biggest success: 
It was easy for me to start a business. Slowly the truth dawned on to me that running a profitable business is also an art. And I was completely clueless about this beautiful art. My business suffered for several years, and I made no profit. I fumbled and was always searching for words in circumstances when I was suppose to be confident and sell my abilities to the client. Learning this art and converting my business into a profitable business and making it better with each coming day is my biggest success to date.

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What is your top challenge 
and how you have addressed it? Getting a steady flow of income and attracting a lot more clients through search engines is my top challenge as of today, and I’m still working on this. Another top challenge I had was to balance my personal and professional life. This I was able to address by taking life a little more lightly and by being present in every moment. This change in attitude made me be there, be present and just enjoy the moment. It not only balanced my life and also improved the quality of my life.

Who is your most important role model? 
My role models are Sheryl Sandberg and Elizabeth Gilbert.


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