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Name: Jeannie Jarnot

Business: Spa Heroes®, a monthly beauty product delivery service 

Industry: Health & Beauty

Location: San Francisco, California, U.S.
Reason for starting: I remember having a business idea at the age of 11 that I thought was brilliant. And I have been writing business plans since I was 24. I had a desire to become an entrepreneur, but lacked confidence. After working alongside a series of strong women, I was inspired to go for it, I was 39. It was a radical act of self trust. 

Being a former Spa Director, it is very satisfying to help bring light to the profession and offer a platform for spa professionals to share their expertise. Contrary to going to a spa, operating a spa is an art form and very challenging. It is a very people intensive and personal service that requires a lot of attention to detail. Also, every time I unknowingly give our ingredient pocket guide to a woman who is a cancer survivor who is elated to have the information at her fingertips, I get re-energized. When real people who have survived illness thank you for something you have offered them, it makes you go farther and want to touch more people. So I am always thinking about how we can spread our message further. I want to get the pocket guide into the hands of 1 million people and help them make safer product selections. 

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How do you define success? I personally have already succeeded, I made the leap. But for the venture to be a success it would need to support my family and offer a lifestyle that is healthy. Spa Heroes purpose is to create a culture of wellness, joy and ease. If we can create and sustain that, for ourselves and others, we are a success. 

Biggest Success: We just launched. So far, assembling a fantastic elite team of experts, the Spa Superheroes, has been a great success. Spa Heroes is fortunate to leverage the top health leaders in the Spa Industry, bringing them together to influence, educate and inspire others. 

The goal of our business is to educate people about unregulated ingredients in skincare products through our FREE ingredient pocket guide, and offer healthy solutions that simplify their lives. We want to bring awareness to beauty and skincare brands who use toxin free, effective ingredients and share them by celebrating their Hero Products. We ultimately want to help women save money by using fewer products that they love more, hence our tag line Use Less. Love More. 

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? There have been so many challenges. They way I am addressing them is by being flexible and willing to pivot and change as necessary. Being an entrepreneur has demanded more of me than I thought I had. I like to follow a plan and work ahead. The plan changes constantly and I am always behind, so it’s uncomfortable. 

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Who is your most important role model? In my daily life, I look to my former boss Jenny Rowe, founder of Xercise Lab because she has been a great example of someone who embraces change. In the world, Richard Branson, he is so committed to joy, I aspire to that. 

Twitter   @SpaHeroes

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