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Name: Jenny Wright

Business: Cause 5 Digital Technology, software for nonprofits

Industry: High Tech 

Location: Denver, Colorado, U.S.

Reason for startingMy three pillars of life are kindness, faith, and compassion. All my life I have been a strong believer in paying kindness forward. I have seen first hand the impact of helping other people and the value behind it. I have been blessed to have been able to sponsor two children in other countries and feel the gift of helping change the life of someone else. 

I have been a graphic designer and technology enthusiast since the age of 16. My career has been in the design and web development industry for 11 years. In 2012, I went back to school and completed a Nonprofit Management program. My passion and fulfillment has always been with nonprofits and the power to help other people. For years I have been conceptualizing how I can merge my design, development, and technology skills with my ultimate passion for doing good. That is how Cause 5 came to fruition. The goal is to create a software platform that will allow nonprofit organizations to utilize modern digital technology in order to reach more donors and in turn have the resources to help more people. 

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How do you define success? I define success as making a positive impact to the world. I have been blessed with my talents and want to pay forward my blessings to help nonprofits achieve success and change lives. 

Biggest Success: My biggest success has been the career and education opportunities throughout the past thirteen years. These opportunities have provided me the skill development and real world learning to execute my entrepreneurial dreams. 

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What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? My top challenges have been funding and life balance. I am single woman supporting myself with a full-time job. I have taken on additional freelance work and cut back on personal spending. Personal sacrifices and hard work are part of the path to achieving a life dream. 

I have worked in a variety of industries in very diverse roles, but at the end of the day I never felt fulfilled with my work. I always felt a void deep inside. It wasn’t until I started doing freelance work for nonprofit organizations that my heart began to shine. In that moment I realized that my path in life was to help others through my design and technology skills.

Who is your most important role model? My most important role models have been my parents. My parents taught me the value of kindness, hard work, and the lessons of never giving up. I am the woman I am today with big dreams of contributing good because of the motivation my parents instilled in me. 

Twitter   @cause5nonprofit

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