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Name: Jess Chua

Business: Inner Life Goals

Location: Sarasota, Florida, U.S.

Industry: Professional Services 

Reason for starting? What motivated me to start my career coaching and doing astrological consulting was the fact that it combines all of my passions, such as working from home, setting my own schedule, writing/blogging, and helping others through creative problem-solving. I knew that this would give me a unique opportunity to help people through my analytical and intuitive skills.

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How do you define success? To me, success comes from living a purposeful and happy life. Making a meaningful contribution to society is important, as well as having work life balance. Work life balance gives us the time and energy to be productive and make a positive impact on a personal and social level.

Biggest success: My biggest success is being laser focused with what I like to do and what my business is about. This helps me be authentic with my branding and marketing. While branding and marketing are essential for business success, I’d hate to do it if I felt I was misleading a potential or existing client.

What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? My biggest business challenge so far has been thinking about pricing, in terms of what my target audience is able and willing to pay for. I am addressing the challenge by working with a coach (entrepreneurship is a less “lonesome” road that way!) and reading relevant blogs so that I’m able to provide good value and not compete based on price alone.

Right now, my main goal is brand awareness and product development. I’m breaking it down into smaller steps so that I can focus on one thing at a time. I intend to develop brand awareness through a consistently implemented blog and social media strategy. Product development would take a longer time as I try out different offers to see what resonates best with my target audience.

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Who is your most important role model? I have many role models. One of them is world-renowned astrologer Liz Greene. Her work provided me with a lot of clarity and insight during times of my life when I needed some guidance, and inspired me to devote a lot of time and energy on astrological studies before doing it as a profession.


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