Co-host of The View tells Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban that entrepreneur can ‘have it all’

On ABC’s daytime talk show The View this past Friday Cindy Slansky, creator of cool cap and cool straws for her startup Green Paxx, pitched her products to investors from Shark Tank.

Slansky, a mother of four who runs competitively, was looking for $50,000 from the Sharks, but all declined because they felt the company’s evaluation was too high and Shark Tank Judge Lori Greiner wanted to use the product first.

But Shark Mark Cuban took it a step further. [pullquote] I am a small business owner, I am a fit woman AND I AM A DAMN GOOD MOM![/pullquote]

“I’ll give you another brutal, honest answer. It is hard to be great at everything. And so as a parent of four kids, whether you’re the husband or wife, and you’re trying to be a competitive runner and you’re trying to [run a business] — that’s too much,” Cuban said.

To which The View’s Joy Behar responded: “She’s a woman, she can do it,” and received a healthy applause from the audience.

I just checked Slansky’s twitter feed and found this:

I am a small business owner, I am a fit woman AND I AM A DAMN GOOD MOM! Women CAN DO IT ALL! #sharktank #TheView @mcuban

Which got me thinking — Do you think Cuban’s comments were inappropriate? Is this something he would have really said to a man in the same position? Would love to hear what other women think about this.

Watch the exchange.