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Name: Joyce Scott

Business: Superb Speakers and Trainers 

Location: Houston, Texas, U.S.

Industry: Professional Services 

Reason for starting? As an early “Hidden Figure,” I was first paid to speak to women to “Overcome Computer Phobia” in 1978. Since then, I’ve been paid as I overcome my own fears and provide the process, resources and steps so others achieve and exceed their goals. During my corporate high-tech years, I accepted several engagements per year from companies and associations who knew I earned results in tech, management and then in sales. I was surprised to recognize I already had a business, because I was a married mom of two with a career who gave away 10% of my time to community service. I never had enough time between carpools, teaching Sunday school, business trips and managing our home life to consider the paid engagements as work. When I realized I already was an entrepreneur, I researched and wrote my plan during my last 2 years of high-tech corporate life. When I launched, I already had clients. This has been such a blessing as my sons are grown and I am single and grateful to continue this work made for me.

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How do you define success? My goals are always set with plans, resources, research and milestones. When my 41 years of marriage ended, my whole life changed. I sold a home I loved, moved to a new city, restarted life just as I was entering my “seasoned” years. The support, business enabling and friendships I now have is beyond my dreams. I am the most grateful person you will ever know. I am also one of the most restless. Comfortable is not in my DNA — growth, improvement, exploration are. My work demonstrates to my sons and grandson that anyone can achieve. They really know I am a normal woman, they all supplement and support me in areas I must grow, and I work to be the example of their next steps. People think I’m ambitious. I am driven to be a role model for those I love, so, if they need a path finder, I’ll have the way mapped out.

Biggest success: I planned my career at 18, paid every penny of my degree in computers, was a programmer, systems analyst and IT Manager by 30 with a family. I was too busy to get too excited about what I’d already done. IBM recruited me, I achieved my metrics above performance levels each year, and they paid for ivy league Harvard training for me and other excellent business skills. I earned the unique level of Big Blue Top Sales as a first time rep. I was then confident in my sales competence. I’d never gone to sales school. My consortium aligns me with achievers, our clients appreciate our skills. I am grateful.

What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? Because I’ve created the business, earned all the contracts and managed every aspect, I want to “clone” myself. The excitement to work with others to take over is beyond anything I’d expected. As a manager, I loved the men I managed moving on and up. I still enjoy that as a business owner. People have so much more inside than they realize. My skills have been developed and my instincts are to provide the elements for them to take steps they never imagined for themselves. We all win.

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Who is your most important role model? Current colleagues who continue to evolve in their business and within themselves, women and men I’ve known for a while and seen overcome obstacles fluidly. I also am in awe of young people in my family who see their work as daily. I see their cumulative success despite long hours, family needs and their own lifestyle interests. We have strength among us within people who think of themselves as ordinary, yet they do extraordinary things and are almost surprised when others notice.

Twitter   @superbspeakers

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