Being a children's author is one of the two occupations Meena Harris holds. [Credit: @meenaharris Twitter]
Meena Harris with her new children’s book. [Credit: @meenaharris Twitter]

Meena Harris is taking another page from her famous Vice President-elect aunt’s playbook.

Harris, a lawyer by training, announced she is releasing a children’s book called “Ambitious Girl.” The idea for the book, Harris’ second, is to show girls that ambition is not a negative trait. It is slated for publication Jan. 19.

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The younger Harris — a savvy Twitter user with more than 360,000 followers and the founder of social justice platform Phenomenal Woman — told Business Insider that the goal is not just about defining the word, but embodying it every day.

“It’s a very worthwhile activity to sit down with your kids and start early to define these words,” she said. “On the topic of leading by example, there are many ways that you can demonstrate what it means. And at the very least, encourage them to understand [ambition] as a positive, not a negative.” 

The narrative follows a young girl in a patriarchal society (nothing foreign to us), while her mother and grandmother teach her to chase her dreams with confidence. 

Harris’s first book, “Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea,” was inspired by her aunt and her mother.

She wants “Ambitious Girl” to inspire her youthful readers to confidently make decisions and understand ambition as something to desire rather than fear — something her aunt, Kamala Harris, has put into action. She will be sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor in a historic inauguration ceremony on Wednesday.

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