Your Name: Kanchana Banerjee

Business Name: Writeword, an online writing course and education service

Type of Business: Writing

Business Location: Mumbai, India


Reason for starting
As a freelance writer for nearly 19 years, I realized how writing is a great flexi job option for women. Seeing so many professionally qualified women who give up on their jobs for domestic reasons; I thought why not teach them how to write and help them get started as freelance writers. Writeword offers online writing courses for those interested to walk a new path – that of a freelance writer!! Just about a year old, Writeword is still in its infancy. But it has been met with overwhelming response.

How do you define success?
When some of my students, who after successful completion of the course are now writing for publications and websites, write to me about how happy they are to be doing something meaningful and creative…that is my moment of joy. The realization that I have been able to help some of them walk a new path.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
My business is very new. I’m still in the process of planning how to take it large. How to reach out to more women. So I haven’t really overcome my challenge. still working at it. Taking small baby steps but dreams are king size.

Who is your most important role model?
Every woman who steps out of her comfort zone to do something. something that excites her, something that defines. A woman who manages her home, kids and yet dares to fly…and soar!!