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Name: Kaveri Vij 

Business: Designer Events Inc. 

Location: New Delhi, India 

Industry: Travel, Hospitality & Events

Reason for starting? Working in the hospitality industry in the events department for 2 1/2 years did not fulfill my quest to make people feel special. I wanted to do this on a bigger scale. Making people smile and making them feel special is something that comes naturally to me. I wanted to combine this with my ability to organize events and to build a business model around it. As a Bollywood fan at heart, I was always influenced by love stories and the beautiful wedding shots in movies. This brought out the designer in me. I started Designer Events Inc. with an aim to witness love stories first hand and be the director managing the show on the big day. Beautiful sets with the most perfect backdrop along with immaculate planning is the perfect way to make this special day come to life for a family.

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How do you define success? Success for me means the ability to do what you love. Having the courage to risk pursuing what your heart loves, making a difference in someone’s life and making them happy defines success for me. After a long day at work, seeing the happy smile on my client’s face and their satisfactory look of “Thank God we hired them” defines success for me. Success means being the best at what you do and being able to deliver every aspect by giving your 200 percent and going the extra mile in all your efforts.

Biggest success: The company was started in April 2014, and we got our biggest project in December 2014. We did crack the deal, however, it was a little too big for for us to handle at that time. A well-known business family from Bangalore was have their daughter’s wedding in Delhi. We were the wedding planners for the wedding and decor designers for four different wedding related events. We managed 600 guests over a period of 4 days starting from receiving them at the airport, their check-in, to and fro from the hotel to the individual venues, organizing everything for each event, individual requests for each guests, decor for each of the four events with different themes, all the way to the guests departure.

What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? The biggest challenge always remains balancing work and personal life. Luckily I am not married right now. However, when we have wedding events, we have continuous late nights and a huge work load that leaves no room for personal life. But one of the great things about the wedding industry is that the work is seasonal, which gives us time to catch up on everything we missed during the busy season.

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Who is your most important role model? Self-made people inspire me in every way. I draw inspiration from every person I meet and every experience in my life. My mother has taught me the art of multi-tasking, whereas my father is my biggest inspiration in life. He pursues his own business at his own terms, which has taught me to follow my dreams and not be influenced by what this world says. I am also inspired by Shah Rukh Khan, who is a self made actor in Bollywood. His determination, grit and the passion for acting makes him the king of Bollywood. My biggest role models will always be my parents, as they teach me each day not only their duties as parents but also how to be a good human. How to put others before you and pursuing what your heart wishes for is what they teach me with their endless support.

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