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Name: Kelli Girsch

Business: Her Shave Co.

Location: Sacramento, California, U.S.

Industry: Healthcare, Wellness & Fitness

Reason for starting: I noticed the wet shave trend coming back in a major way yet the only players were men. I started reading story after story, comment after comment about how wives and girlfriends were secretly using their significant others safety razors to shave their legs with. It hit me… why in the world is the wet shave trend only for men? Women shave 3x more than men do, why can’t we have our own grooming club exclusively for women with specialty shaving and grooming products made for women curated by women? Viola’! Now we have experience in the subscription box biz and have gotten our feet wet in this arena with our other company so the rest came naturally! The concept has really taken off! So much that a very large wet shaving brand ordered one of our boxes to see what the hype was about… now that’s a WIN in my book!

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How do you define success? We all are successful… really look around you! How did your tomato garden do last year? Did that chicken picatta you made last night fill everyone’s tummy and put a smile on their faces? Success can be measured by so many little things. I believe at the end of the day true success is what you make of it and if you go to bed at night happy and thankful for all that you have then you have found true success my friend!

Biggest success: I am so proud of who I have become as a business owner. It’s very difficult to select just one thing…. owning my first business at 23 years old and paying off the $100k business loan my parents gave me within 18 months was HUGE! Having three amazing children who are growing up to be good human beings and learning about owning their own business is priceless!

What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? Brand strategy with social media marketing is my top challenge. With the way algorithms and SEO is changing it makes it nearly impossible to keep up. I am a type A who likes to control the reins and have my hands in everything…. it’s been a challenge but learning to bring someone on to help me has been tremendous. I have also scheduled webinars and marketing strategy courses every few months to stay up to date which helps.

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Who is your most important role model? My parents. Married for 46 years they owned their businesses together and worked together every single day. They got along, saved their money, raised my sister and I well and taught me everything I know about business and life.

Twitter   @hershaveco1

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